März 25, 2016

GEM-Guidance, Navigation & Positioning

Guidance, Navigation & Positioning
Since the late 1980’s, GEM elettronica has focused its R&D effort for the design and manufacture of mechanical gyrocompasses. In the year 2000, the company created a specialized facility for the development of photonic sensors which resulted in the manufacturing of the Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscope (IFOG).
Today GEM elettronica’s IFOG program includes a number of different models suitable for inertial navigation system used for Guidance, Navigation & Control in a wide range of military and commercial applications.The GEM elettronica IFOG has unique advantages since they do not have moving parts, have extremely high bandwidth and are virtually insensitive to accelerations – therefore very suitable for applications of type strap down. In addition, the system ensures high reliability and long life, also in severe environmental and dynamic conditions.GEM elettronica has developed its own proprietary technology for the optical fiber winding methods, electronics, advanced navigation algorithms, software development, calibration and test capability. The Guidance, Navigation & Control products are designed at the Photonics Research & Applied Navigation Sciences (PRANS) Division, the research center of excellence in advanced sensor technologies and innovative solutions of GEM elettronica.
Our IFOGs products and systems provide superior functions and performances; they are extremely versatile and are ideal candidate for:

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